Google’s been pencilling those since 1998

5 Most Memorable Space Doodles

canada goose youth uk Google’s one of those tech companies that makes a big deal about space exploration. coque iphone soldes Google’s been pencilling those since 1998. Over the years the sketches have become more elaborate and sometimes animated! canada goose youth uk

After reviewing the space doodles featured on Google’s Doodle site, here are five of the most memorable of them:

May 1 5, 2000 Google Aliens series

canada goose uk size chart This appears to be the first set of space themed Google Doodles. coque iphone 8 The drawings are simple for the most part, they show a UFO flying past canada goose or landing on the Google logo. Still, running them in a series over several days was smart, as it encouraged Internet users to visit the young search engine several days in a row to see what was happening next. More eyes on the page is always good for advertising. canada goose uk size chart

Jan. 15, 2004 Canada Goose sale Spirit lands on Mars

canada goose outlet winnipeg Mars landings canada goose outlet are always big media events, and NASA was in the midst of a bonanza of attention in 2004 as both Spirit and Opportunity successfully touched down on the Red Planet. Thousands of Google users would have been searching out the rovers’ latest exploits. Commemorating Spirit’s landing in a doodle, just as that excitement was at a fever pitch, was a great way for Google to highlight the ability for users to seek out uk canada goose information about the rovers on its own site. canada goose outlet winnipeg

canada goose outlet store near me Aug. 9, 2010 Anniversary of Belka and Stelka spaceflight canada goose outlet store near me

The best Google Doodles are those that show you what you don’t know before. In this case, few outside the space community are likely aware of who Canada Goose Online Belka and Stelka were, and where their spaceflight fits in history. (They were among a series of animal flights flown in the 1960s to determine the risks of space travel to humans.) From Google’s perspective, running a doodle one needs to learn more about encourages users to click on it, generating more page views.

canada goose outlet cheap June 15, 2011 Total lunar eclipse, featuring Slooh canada goose outlet cheap

This is a brilliant Canada Goose Parka example of cross promotion. Astronomy geeks are well aware of Slooh, a site that turns telescopes to celestial events such as the recent Venus transit of Canada Goose Outlet the sun. Google brought the site uk canada goose outlet to the masses through promoting Slooh’s June 15, 2011 lunar eclipse feed right on the home page; the colour of the moon in the logo changed as the eclipse progressed. Google also showed the eclipse on its YouTube channel and on Google Earth, and promoted the Slooh canada goose clearance Android app (also hosted by Google.) Slooh mentioned Google’s participation on its own website, too.

canada goose outlet miami Nov. soldes coque iphone 2019 cheap canada goose uk 8, 2011 Edmond Halley’s birthday canada goose outlet miami

Commemorating Edmond canada goose uk outlet Halley’s birthday is not unique in itself, as Google has singled out other astronomers for the honour see Ruby Payne Scott and Johann Gottfried Galle, for example. What makes this sketch memorable is you can barely see the “Google" logo in the doodle. coque iphone This is a canada goose store company that is so confident in its brand that it is willing to let its readers fill in the blanks by imagination. coque iphone solde (Astute readers will notice Scott’s doodle follows the same principle, but Halley’s doodle did run first.)

What other doodles should Universe Today readers check out? Share your thoughts in the canada goose coats on sale comments. coque iphone

canada goose cheap uk All images are from Google’s Doodle website. canada goose cheap uk

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